Professional Photography Prices in India

We Will Increase the Profit of Your Company with Our Results as We Aim to Make the Best Visual Presentation for Your Business.

Professional photography is an art that demands expensive equipment, including high-end cameras, prime lenses, color-balanced lights, and other supporting tools with high-end computer systems, and has to keep updated with technology.

To handle various lighting scenarios and situations, a professional photographer must have extensive knowledge and continuously study and practice to maintain their expertise. Additionally, photographers have to market themselves on web and social media platforms, respond to customer queries, and invest significant effort in pre-production, shooting, and post-production.

As per work lifestyle, every photographer can work for a limited number of days per month, and with the business, they have to support their families and has to pay supporting teams and technical as well and photographers support the government with taxes also.

Considering these factors, we share our work prices below to maintain a balance between delivering quality work and earning justifiably.

Our Prices below are indicative of a general idea of costings. please get in touch for exact costs. It may vary & can be customized depending on work-to-work, services categories & requirements.

Photography & Video Production Prices Information

Commercial corporate & professional photography prices:

In India, commercial corporate photographers’ charges typically start from INR Rs. 25,000 to 60,000 per day basis + 18% GST Taxes for competitive photographers. Established and famous photographers with high-end production values may charge higher prices, ranging from Rs. 75,000 to two lakhs. However, while considering photographers’ prices, it is essential to compare professional skills and deliverable results rather than just comparing prices.

360 virtual tour walkthrough price:

In India, 360 virtual tour walkthrough charges typically start from INR Rs. 1800 to 3000 per point basis + 18% GST Taxes for shooting with DSLR Camera & Normal Lens. Please get in touch with team Shri Hari Productions for more details.

The cost of a Virtual Tour with Matterport digital scanner camera & technology may cost high as they charge on an area size basis and they have to scan all areas to build. whereas shooting with 360 Insta cameras may cost less but images will be sacrificed for quality. 

How you should consider photographers hiring :

Apart from photographers’ charges, the overall project cost also includes your time and effort, the workman’s cost, and other logistics. Therefore, choosing your photographer wisely is crucial, and selecting a photographer based solely on the lowest prices may result in undesirable results and cost you more in the long run.

The best photographer for your business:

Choosing the right photographer is a small investment that can yield significant outcomes for your business. Good visuals are crucial for any business presentation, and repeated investments in business marketing through photography can help you earn more and also support the growth of our nation, India.

Good images are not clicked by just cameras but by a good professional and creators acquire lot of knowledge and experience about their art to produce best images, which tells story for your business. As a good professional Shri Hari Productions have good sense to capture, what is required and how to get that.  

Apart from a good Professional Camera, many times a good shoot require lot of other professional equipments like multiple Pro lights, and other supporting tools. To save cost & time, images can be clicked with least equipment but usage of extra tools will surely help for best results. The team at Shri Hari Productions are fully equipped with lot of supporting tools and have through knowledge about their usages too for our shooting.  

Good images sometimes not achieved so easily. Camera doesn’t see visuals as human see with eyes. Many times senior professionals need to shoot with advance techniques to produce one best image and that knowledge can be gained by education to understand subject, and technology. 

Editors tend to be spend lot of time to build best visuals. Perfect Color Correction, Multiple Image Blending, Video Editing need lot of knowledge, time, patience and expensive systems and softwares. This all is a routine part to nurture work to deliver you best.

Skilled and Experienced support team is always beneficial while shooting, it save time and energy while shooting. 

Travel time and Travelling Cost, Food and Lodging also affects overall shoot costs as nothing comes free, everything is depend on business. 

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