Things You Should Tell Your Conference Photographer

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Corporate events are as important as personal events. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to capture the moments that are gone, photographs are all about reliving those moments, and only a picture can make it possible. So when you hire a conference photographer, there are few things you should take into consideration, and they are as follows:

  1. Talk about the budget and the work hour:

When you are hiring your conference photographer, this comes as your first job, deciding on your budget, discussing the hours of the conference; ask him about the services included in the packages and his general style of photography. This will help you with hiring the right photographer as per your requirements.

  1. Specific shots that you want to capture:

Are there any specific shots that you would want to capture?

For example:

  • List of VIP guests
  • Photographing Chief executive of the organization
  • Taking pictures of the staff as per hierarchy
  • Specifics about the angles, color scheme or lights if you have it in mind.

Communicate it with your photographer beforehand. Make sure your photographer is aware of all those moments you wish to get captured.

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  1. Let your photographer know about the VIPs and orators of the conference you want to feature:

Since it is a conference, you might have a list of VIPs and speakers of the meeting, tag those main peeps and let the photographer know about them prior. However, let him know about all the scenes or angles you want them to capture. Instructing him precisely will get you exactly what you visualize as your conference gallery.

  1. Give information about the location:

Let your photographer know about the location of the conference beforehand so he can get familiar with the lighting and space of that place. This trial will help him get the best of the shots possible at the conference.

  1. Ask for the portfolio before hiring:

So, however, you may choose your photographer; through the internet or someone’s reference, always go through the portfolio, this will help you know about his work a lot, like his work ethic, consistency, and other such stuff.

  1. Talk about the accommodations when out of town:

When the conferences are held out of town, the accommodation of the photographer adds on. Arrange accommodation for the photographer near the location of the event or else talk to him about his preference in regards to his stay and food. You will have to provide it.

  1. Ask The Photographer about the license, insurance, and copyrights:

It’s important to ask the photographer beforehand about his profession. Get to know if he has a business license as many freelance photographers don’t have one, if they have professional liability insurance. Also along with that ask about the copyrights and usage of the images created.

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  1. Ask him to carry back up for his equipments:

Just in case his current gear gets lost or stolen or ruined he can still capture the event without fail if he is carrying a back up gear. Make sure you ask him to carry it for the possibility of the uncertainties.

  1. How do you want the photographs:

After the event ends the photographer’s job pretty much gets done so he might plan on leaving and also transfer you the pictures right away, so make sure that you have discussed this prior that how you are going to take the pictures from him. Soft copy or hard copy, select your preferable pictures if you want and make sure you are done with it all before his deadline.


For capturing your conferences successfully you ought to go through all the above points while hiring your photographer for the event. Ensure that you have checked all the points before you finalize the photographer.

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